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The Prince of Egypt: The Musical — A Revival of a Timeless Biblical Tale
Original London Company. Photo by Matt Crockett ©DWA LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The Prince of Egypt: The Musical — A Revival of a Timeless Biblical Tale 

Renowned composer Stephen Schwartz revives the biblical epic of Moses in a captivating live musical adaptation, offering a nostalgic return.

Known for “The Prince of Egypt,” Schwartz brings a captivating live musical adaptation, offering a fresh rendition of the timeless tale.

Filmed at London’s Dominion Theatre, “The Prince of Egypt: The Musical” features a cast and orchestra of 60 performers.

It has earned its reputation as “one of the biggest musicals ever staged.”

Like the DreamWorks film, the musical retells Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egyptian slavery in a gripping biblical saga.

Schwartz, who claimed an Oscar for the movie’s iconic song “When You Believe,” composed the mesmerizing musical score.

The production seamlessly weaves classical songs from the film with new, emotionally charged tunes, creating a rich auditory experience.

Moses, the central character, epitomizes a young man undergoing a transformative journey. He evolves from one with everything to discovering a profound higher calling.

Throughout the narrative, Moses grapples with complex familial relationships. He faces challenges with brother Rameses, who becomes pharaoh, setting the stage for a powerful confrontation in this familial saga.

In a recent virtual interview, Schwartz highlighted the narrative’s contemporary relevance, especially regarding Middle East strife and relevant issues.

He acknowledged that Steven Spielberg initially conceived the core idea of focusing on two brothers in the 1990s.

The narrative explores the concept of love transcending significant differences and personal responsibilities, emphasizing unity over enmity.

Lessons in Empathy and Cinematic Brilliance

Schwartz hopes that viewers while enjoying the spectacle of the musical, draw lessons that embrace empathy.

“I feel what’s happened in our society, in contemporary times, is a severe lack of empathy,” said the composer.

He added, “Everyone is very, very busy looking for his or her own perspective, seeing things through the lens of their own grievances, all of which are valid, but the ability to put oneself in another person’s shoes, to try and think about what life, what the world, what a specific issue looks like, through the way they see it — the more we can do that, then the better we’ll all function as a society.”

The release of the musical on home video platforms offers audiences an intimate and immersive experience.

Schwartz points out that the camera’s perspective allows for close-ups and diverse angles. This provides a more comprehensive view than a front-row seat in a theater.

This accessibility ensures that fans can relish the spectacle of the live performance while enjoying a nuanced cinematic experience.

The home release allows viewers to revisit and explore the performance’s emotional layers and meaning at their own pace.

“The Prince of Egypt: The Musical” stands as a revival of a timeless tale. It also serves as an interactive journey into the intricacies of its themes, fostering a deeper connection with the narrative.

Schwartz’s masterful composition promises to captivate audiences. Coupled with the visual brilliance of the live performance, it reignites the magic of the cherished biblical story.

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