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The movie Jesus Revolution surges to the top 5 of Netflix’s list
"Jesus Revolution"/Image: Dan Anderson
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The movie Jesus Revolution surges to the top 5 of Netflix’s list 

Netflix recently added Jesus Revolution to its Top 5 list, adding another achievement to the already successful film’s portfolio.

The streaming service has ranked Jesus Revolution as the No. 4 most popular movie, two days after it launched on the platform and five months after it opened at No. 3.

California pastor Greg Laurie even mentioned on Instagram that he wants the film to accomplish even more.

He wrote, “Netflix has over 75 million subscribers. Let’s pray God uses this film to touch their hearts with the Gospel.”

Producer Andy Erwin said of Frisbee and Smith: “God just used them as nitroglycerin to kind of ignite a movement. And Chuck was one of the first people to let the hippies in the church.”

He mentioned in another post, “God is bringing revival. It’s happening guys, It’s bigger than one group or a movie. It started at Asbury and has spread to 28 college campuses now. No superstars. No one can take credit. It’s His church spreading the good news to the broken.”

Evidently, audiences have been deeply moved by its portrayal of the historical events and the spiritual awakening that swept through a generation, making it a cinematic triumph.

It follows the real-life story of hippie evangelist Lonnie Frisbee (Jonathan Roumie), who joins forces with strait-laced pastor Chuck Smith (Kelsey Grammer) to lead a group of hippies to Christ. The movement started a nationwide revival. One of those teens who came to Christ was Laurie (Joel Courtney).

Jesus Revolution grossed $52 million domestically and received an A+ CinemaScore grade from filmgoers. This is the first time a director has recorded four perfect marks. The co-director Jon Erwin received the perfect score for this film. Erwin’s previous A+ CinemaScores include Woodlawn (2015), I Can Only Imagine (2018), and American Underdog (2021).

“Jesus Revolution” beautifully captures the essence of a generation’s quest for spiritual awakening

“Jesus Revolution” is a captivating and spiritually profound film that delves into the transformative and impactful countercultural movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

This powerful film charts the remarkable journey of a group of young people who discover a newfound faith in Jesus Christ. It all happened during a time of social unrest, cultural upheaval, and a search for deeper meaning.

Despite an untimely diagnosis, Lonnie Frisbee chased the “glory days” of the Jesus Movement for most of his remaining years. He apologized for his choices, repented, and returned to God after succumbing to a virus.

The protagonists of “Jesus Revolution,” Lonnie Frisbee, Chuck Smith, and Greg Laurie, seem strangely familiar in an era just as divided, discouraged, and aimless fifty years later.

Not only does “Jesus Revolution” provide a captivating narrative, but it also resonates on a personal level, touching the hearts of viewers and sparking meaningful conversations about faith, hope, and societal change.

“Jesus Revolution” beautifully captures the essence of a generation’s quest for spiritual awakening and showcases the enduring power of faith to inspire radical change and unity amidst a world in turmoil.

And so, with its box office success and enduring impact, “Jesus Revolution” has firmly established itself as a modern classic, reminding us of the transformative power of faith and unity.

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