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The Gold Collection – Out Now
Amazing gospel music to download

The Gold Collection – Out Now 

The LMAM UK presents a highly anticipated collection of songs inspired by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This is a selection of gospel music dedicated to the Man of God in honor of his birthday. It is not just good – it is great gospel music. Click here and listen to every track before you download the whole collection.

With 14 tracks this collection of songs is pure gold. The opening track ‘Exalted’ is a melodious praise song. ‘I am standing here before your throne. It is the highest place I ‘ve ever known’. It is a song to bless the Holy Name.’

winning awards at LIMA 2019 after a performance that was ‘Hotter Than Fire”

‘Fired Up’ changes the tempo. The praise comes from the same pure place. The passion and love for Christ is in this song runs through every bar. For those who enjoyed the UK Band’s LIMA performance will remember they are ‘Hotter than Fire’.

The UK Band are diverse performers that encompass many styles. The samba inspired ‘Holy Jamboree’ makes worship fun and relevant. The acapella ‘Leader’s Anthem’ gets into your core and your soul. “Proclaim the name of the Lord…They are the light of the world.” The leaders will show us the way.

Those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars.

The song ‘Shining’ is a non-stop party of the Holy Spirit. These performers rejoice in all that God has to offer which is the strength and fortification a life in Christ has to offer.  The winning that comes with spreading the gospel rings through every track in this collection of praise and worship songs.

From the video for Shining

The mood of praise shifts to contemplation and worship with songs like ‘Yes I Love You Lord”. There is nobody like Jesus Christ. The love of prayer and worship is evident here. This heartfelt outpouring is felt throughout the next three tracks.

Who are these ministers of the gospel?

The LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry (LMAM) is an idea that has come into this world with the Spirit of God through the Esteemed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Finding talented individuals who are inspired by the messages and teachings of the Man of God they are trained to use that talent to fulfil the message of the Gospel. The Director of the Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry is the Highly Esteemed Evangelist Kathy Woghiren. She has honed and nurtured many mega-superstars including those who have worked on this ‘Gold Collection’.

Pastor Soskie Omoregie is the Coordinator of the LMAM International. She is intramental in pioneering and establishing the LMAM structure in many regions including the UK. Some of the bands to emerge from this ministry are  Rap Nation UK,  The Ano!nted Band, Sound Of Grace and Loveworld Next UK Band. They really are a “creative ” or a group of inspired and unique Ministers who reach out with every note and lyric.

A celebration of our Man of God

The final three tracks are a celebration of the pastor who has lead them to the apex of their careers, Pastor Chris. These amazing vocalists and lyricists will remain there and keep preaching through music. Well, here at Good Gospel Playlist we are enjoying this Gold Collection.

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