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Tickets for “The Chosen” season three finale crash website in rush

Tickets for “The Chosen” season three finale crash website in rush 

In response to the announcement about the finale of the third season of the tv series “The Chosen” being released in theaters on select dates, fans crashed Fathom Events’ website on January 15th to get tickets.

The Facebook page of “The Chosen” wrote that “ticket demand for the season finale crashed the Fathom Events website. Tickets for Eps 7/8 can now be purchased at Fathom or your usual ticketing sites.”

On February 2nd and February 3rd, the third season’s final two episodes of “The Chosen” will air at 3 PM and 7 PM.

As soon as the announcement was made, fans rushed to buy tickets, causing the site to crash. 

The show’s third season broke all previous records for “interaction,” according to a statement from “The Chosen.”

During a “The Chosen” livestream on January 15th, the director of the show, Jerry Jenkins, revealed that the finale would feature the 5,000 people being fed.

“These are huge episodes,” the director said.

“Theaters demanded it, fans demanded it, the story demanded it”

After the success of the first episodes of the third season of “The Chosen” premiering in theaters, Dallas Jenkins chose to return to cinemas for the finale of the season.

According to the creator of the series, three factors led to it returning to a theatrical release.

“Theaters demanded it, fans demanded it, the story demanded it,” he said.

As a result of the success of last year’s Christmas special, theaters are asking for “The Chosen” to be shown in their theaters.

“… They are saying, ‘Please release as many episodes as you can in theaters,” Dallas Jenkins stated.

Streaming of the final episodes of season three will be available on the “The Chosen” app on February 5th and February 7th for fans who cannot watch the finale in theaters.

The missions of “The Chosen”

In order to make “The Chosen,” a success, Dallas Jenkins has been working hard.

“The Chosen” follows Jesus Christ and those closest to him, and with the third season, Dallas Jenkins told the Christian Post that he wanted to show the human tension.

According to him, “The Chosen” has two missions.

“We do have a ministry and a mission and a calling to bring Jesus to the world. I want to introduce or reinvigorate people’s passion for Jesus. But at the same time, I cannot be responsible for that. When I sit in front of a blank computer screen or working with my co-writers on the scripts or when I am on set and creating a new scene from scratch, I cannot be actually thinking about the viewer overseas. I cannot be thinking about trying to please viewers or trying to avoid criticism. I have to be focused on making the best show that I possibly can,” Dallas Jenkins told the Christian Post.

 “The mission part of it, yes, I am doing this because I have a mission to introduce Jesus to as many people as possible, but the number of people, the number of viewers, the level of criticism or praise that it gets, the impact that it has, I cannot be focused on that,” he added.

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