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Pastor Steve Gaines Explains What Is the Biblical Definition of “Revival”
Steve Gaines, pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tennessee, preaches at the Alabama Baptist Pastors Conference in 2019. Photo by Tracy Riggs Frontz/The Alabama Baptist Former Alabama Baptist pastor Steve Gaine
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Pastor Steve Gaines Explains What Is the Biblical Definition of “Revival” 

Today, many wonder if America could be on the brink of revival. From the beaches of Florida to California’s shores, faith is stirring. Pastor Steve Gaines of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, and former Southern Baptist Convention president, provides insight into revival’s biblical meaning.

Gaines, author of the upcoming book “Revival: When God Comes to Church,” recently appeared on CBN’s “Faith vs. Culture.” He shared a succinct definition of “revival” from the Old Testament: “When the glory of God fills the house of God.”

“The word ‘Rvive’ means life; ‘re’ means to repeat or have fresh life,” Gaines explained. “So, it means to have new life. Revival isn’t for those who don’t know Christ. You can’t revive something that’s never been ‘Revived.’ Revival is for Christians.”

Jesus Knocking on the Church’s Door

Steve Gaines, in a recent discussion, shed light on a commonly misinterpreted Scripture: Revelation 3:20. This verse, often seen as an invitation to individual salvation, actually speaks to Jesus’ desire to re-enter His collective church, the body of believers.

Gaines explained that the verse refers to Jesus knocking on the door of the Laodicea church, seeking to restore His rightful place within it. He emphasized that our human-made programs and denominational structures can sometimes hinder God’s presence in the church.

Instead, Gaines urged believers to focus on fostering an environment where the manifest presence of God is paramount. He posed a poignant question: “When people enter the church, is God there? Or is He outside, knocking to get in?”

This fresh interpretation challenges us to reconsider our approach to church and worship. Gaines reminds us that the true power and purpose of the church lies in embracing the divine presence and allowing God to fully inhabit His house.

He also discussed barriers to revival, noting the “isms” that hinder it. “Traditionalism makes tradition more important than Scripture. Formalism focuses on perfection over substance. Fanaticism goes beyond biblical teachings. Liberalism doubts the Bible’s truth, quenching the Holy Spirit. Legalism adds to the Word of God.”

Understanding and Overcoming Barriers to Revival

“I often hear, ‘This is the Baptist way,’” Gaines continued. “But I’m a Christian first. The Baptist way should align with the Bible way. Enemies seek to quench God’s Spirit, and we must guard against them.”

As faith is being renewed across the nation, believers must understand revival in a biblical sense. Creating an environment where the Holy Spirit can move is crucial for this renewal.

Steve Gaines’ forthcoming book, “Revival: When God Comes to Church,” delves deeper into these themes of spiritual renewal and the presence of God in worship.

Believers across the country are experiencing a fresh outpouring of faith. Understanding revival and creating a conducive environment for it can help sustain this spiritual awakening.

Steve Gaines’ insights guide believers in fostering genuine revival, emphasizing spiritual readiness and the importance of divine presence.

In his book, Gaines discusses how to prepare oneself and the community for a true revival. He highlights the importance of aligning practices with biblical teachings and being open to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

This approach can help believers not only experience but also sustain a deep and lasting spiritual awakening. Through his guidance, believers are encouraged to seek a revival that is rooted in scripture and attuned to God’s presence.

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